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Posted on Oct 19 2023 by Bobbie Kelly

LightBulb team to share knowledge with Hope

Tomorrow our LightBulb team, part of St Andrew's college, will be delivering a special online course in association with the Hope Centre and the Northampton Community Training Partnerships team.

The event, which is fully booked, will be attended by 25 delegates who will have the opportunity to learn about adverse childhood experiences and developmental trauma.

Many people live with the after-effects of psychological trauma experienced in their younger years. These traumas can manifest in their mental health, relationships with others, and have a toll on their bodies.

Understanding the adverse experiences individuals undergo in their formative years can provide insights into the behaviours we observe in their younger and adult lives. Our LightBulb team will be encouraging the attendees to have a conversation about how adverse childhood experiences can shape individuals' futures and how we can offer support.

The course will be delivered by Peter Rainford, from St Andrew's College, who explained: "I'm honoured to collaborate with the Northampton Community Training Partnership. At its core, our LightBulb programme aims to end the stigma surrounding mental health and spark open discussions about adverse childhood experiences. By creating an open dialogue on these matters, we're taking steps towards a more understanding and empathetic society.”

Who is the Northampton Community Training Partnership?
The partnership provide bitesize training to frontline workers and volunteers. They are funded by West Northamptonshire Council and led by Northampton Hope Centre and Community Law.

More information about the Community Training Partnership sessions can be found on the Hope Centre website here.

What is LightBulb?

LightBulb is an initiative that is available all year round and provides the participating school with mental health awareness and support training for all school staff as well as sessions for both parents and students. Each session talks about symptoms, support and signposts resources. ​​​​​​​

Since it was launched in 2021, the programme has been delivered at 30 schools and reached more than 16,000 children.

The LightBulb programme is suitable for both primary and secondary schools up and down the country. St Andrew’s Healthcare is a charity and therefore the programme is not a profit-making initiative, which means the pricing structure has been created to ensure it is affordable to all schools. For more information about the LightBulb programme, click here.