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Posted on Jun 1 2022 by Fiona Bailey

Brain injury and Neuro patients will be exposed to lots of “cognitive stimulation and engagement” this week when Lowther kicks off its Jubilee celebrations.

A group of Occupational Therapists from the Brain Injury and Dementia neuro department have come together to host an interactive and themed day for all those who wish to participate in the national celebrations.

The Jubilee Joy Ride event will involve staff wearing a cardboard red bus where they will lead participating patients to the post office, which will officially be opened that day.

There, they will be able to look around the newly opened shop, which will also be stocked with Union Jack flags and bunting which they can purchase to support the celebration.

From there, the interactive bus ride will take the patients around the Lowther courtyard where they will pass pictures of iconic London attraction and symbols.

Once the tour is over, tea will be served while live music will be played and patients will be encouraged to take full advantage of the pop-up photo booth. Families and friends of the patients are also invited to come along.

The whole event is being funded by Lowther which launched a fundraiser for the Queen’s Jubilee in December 2021 by selling homemade crafts and baked goods.

Helen Irving, Occupational Therapist from the Brain Injury department, said: “Everyone is talking about the Queen’s Jubilee as it’s a really historic moment and we didn’t want our patients to miss out on the fun, so as a team we came up with these fun ideas to help keep them very much involved in the celebrations.

“Where possible, we always try and give our patients’ vocational roles which we think gives them a sense of purpose and achievement that provides them with cognitive stimulation and engagement.”

David Heap, Occupational Therapist form the Dementia department added: “We wanted to give our patients a taste of this great celebration and also provide them with different stimulations and experiences.”