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Body image events for parents and teachers

This year’s Mental Health Awareness Week focuses on body image. St Andrew’s Healthcare is embracing this important theme with a mental health ‘boot camp’ event for parents and teachers of young people aged 13-18.

The pressures of modern life can leave some young people struggling emotionally with body image and self-esteem. St Andrew’s Healthcare is offering up advice and support from experienced mental healthcare professionals to arm parents and teachers with the skills to help.

Two sessions will run at St Andrew’s Healthcare’s campus in Northampton during the evening of Thursday 16 May 2018 between 5pm and 9pm. Speakers will share advice and insights about body image, self harm, eating disorders and mental health training. A key emphasis will be on the signs to look out for, particularly in terms of self-harm and food issues.

Places at the two sessions are limited so St Andrew’s are requesting a £5 fee to register, which will be donated to the Grey Dog charity. Online bookings can be made through EventBrite.

Sam Cooper-Evans, Clinical Psychologist at St Andrew’s Healthcare, explained: “Negative body image and low self-esteem are significant problems for a lot of people. This is especially true for teenagers because it is within this stage of life that we really start to think about who we are and how to fit in to social groups and society as a whole, forming long-standing opinions of ourselves.

“Unfortunately, the unrealistic ideals of perfection, which are exacerbated through social media, leave young people with distorted views of themselves. This can lead to the development of mental health problems, such as depression and eating disorders.

“The experts at our event will be able to provide important information for parents and teachers about how to help young people in this crucial stage of life, and where they can get support."

Parents and teachers that are unable to attend are also able to download short, supportive booklets ‘The Little Book of Body Image’ and the ‘Little Book of Self Esteem’ from St Andrew’s Therapy website.  

St Andrew’s is actively inviting parents and teachers in the Northampton area to this event via local schools. St Andrew’s new Instagram account @standrewscare will also provide positive messages and artwork direct to young people.

St Andrew's Healthcare has a private therapy outpatient clinic which helps members of the public overcome many common mental health issues, from depression and anxiety to eating disorders and sleep problems.