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Posted on May 21 2020 by Bobbie Kelly

Mental Health Awareness Week: "Kindness was so important to my recovery"

One of our former patients, Jamie, urges everyone to share a bit of kindness this Mental Health Awareness Week!

22-year-old Jamie is an active, funny and friendly man, who is on the autism spectrum and suffers from anxiety and emotionally unstable personality disorder. He had a breakdown a few years ago after a reduction in support he received in the community and spent almost six years as an inpatient at St Andrew’s.

Jamie was discharged from St Andrew’s earlier this year, and is now living in the community and enjoying life as much as possible.

He said: "Kindness was so important to my recovery. When I was in hospital some of the healthcare assistants would stay on after their shift ended to talk to me, and I really valued that emotional support. I want to thank all the frontline staff who helped me. Now I'm living in the community I want to pass some of that kindness on, and give something back to other people. I want to make sure I am always a good friend, and a good listener that helps others."

To find out more about Jamie's story, click here. For resources, support and ideas around Mental Health Awareness Week, click here.