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Why I became a mental health nurse...

“My interest in helping and supporting others was ignited after coaching football to children with learning disabilities.”

Our workforce is made of people from a wide range of backgrounds who are all dedicated to transforming lives together.

Nurse Manager Jason Flannagan is one of those people, having joined St Andrew’s Healthcare in February 2018 in search of a new challenge after 20 years working in healthcare…

Why did you want to become a mental health or learning disability nurse?

My interest in helping and supporting others was ignited after coaching football to children with learning disabilities. I went on to work with adults with Autism and, from there, moved into Mental Health nursing.

How did St Andrew’s Healthcare support you with your preceptorship?

I was offered good initial training and orientation when starting. Through the first few weeks I had line managers checking in on me regularly and offering support and direction if required.

What career progression have you experienced, and what do you see in the future?

I have been supported and supervised by my line manager and they have made me aware of the opportunities that are available to me. St Andrew’s has pushed me to develop my managerial skills and I’ve been booked on to seminars and training events, which have been greatly received.

As for the future, I don’t know. But what I can tell from my short time here is that the organisation encourages development and recognises hard work.

Have you got any favourite moments in your experience of being a nurse and working in healthcare?

I worked on mental health acute admission wards for nearly 15 years and every day was different. Some of the characters on the wards are without doubt some of the most interesting, creative and humorous people I have ever met. There are too many moments to mention!

What would you say to someone who is considering a role at St Andrew’s Healthcare?

It’s a well-run health provider that transforms people’s lives.

The best thing about being a nurse at St Andrew’s Healthcare is working with a wide range of individuals with differing health needs, and having the chance to improve their lives and enable them to return to their ‘home area’ and live a more meaningful life.

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