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Posted on Jul 2 2024 by Fiona Bailey

The sale of an old dentist chair owned by St Andrew's Healthcare has led to a patient enjoying a free trip to the theatre to watch a Shakespeare production.

Earlier this year, the charity's Associate Director of Physical Healthcare Martin O’Dowd found out that the Royal Shakespeare Company were looking to purchase an old dentist chair.

Knowing St Andrew's had one that was not being used and might eventually be destined for landfill, Martin offered the chair up and a price was agreed.

On receiving the chair, a tour of the theatre and free tickets to watch the company’s forthcoming production of the Merry Wives of Windsor in Stratford-upon-Avon were offered.

Martin said: “We were pleased we were able to rehome the chair, which was no longer in use and just gathering dust onsite. The fact we were able to secure a tour and tickets for the patients was a real bonus.”

Having asked among the charity, a patient on Fern ward was identified as someone who has an interest in drama and acting, so it was arranged that they would attend the production.

The person who attended said: “I used to act and I still love anything to do with drama, so I was made up to be invited along.”

Arrangements were made to ensure the patient had sufficient staff escort support and off they went for an afternoon of Shakespeare.

The patient added: “I really enjoyed the tour and loved being shown behind the scenes. I got to see how the trapdoor works on the stage which was fascinating. The play though was phenomenal. I haven’t set foot in a theatre for eight years, so this was a really special moment for me to be back. The time went so quickly while I was in there because I enjoyed the play so much. I’m really thankful for the opportunity. Thank you to all the staff who helped make this happen, it really put a big smile on my face