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Posted on Nov 23 2021 by Fiona Bailey

Staff working within Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services (CAMHS) have been praised for the "joined-up effort" which have improved communications between carers and patients. 

Just days before Carers Rights Day, which takes place annually on November 25, carers associated with St Andrew's have heaped praise on how employees have rallied round during the pandemic.

Michelle Sayer, Principal Social Worker in CAMHS, said: "I just want to say a massive thank you on behalf of all the carers who I speak to on a regular basis for the joined up effort that all our wards have made in implementing daily phone calls to all our parents and carers.

"Getting good communication right has been a consistent challenge for CAMHS, so in September 2020 we decided to introduce a daily phone call to every carer to update them about their child’s day. They get to hear what their child has done in the day and we tell them the small positives that need celebrating which parents sometimes miss out on when they're placed in our care.

"Although this change in approach has been difficult to maintain at times, especially when we have competing priorities, busy wards and staffing challenges, I am very proud of the huge strides we have taken as a division to ensure that this improved level of communication is happening consistently for all of the families we support.’

"Once a month we run a ‘CAMHS Parent/ Carers Advisory Group’ and consistently for the last few months there has been nothing but positive feedback about the daily phone calls and communication in general."

Here are some recent quotes from parents:

  • I cannot rate the daily phone calls enough – they almost always happen.
  • I feel like we have such a good relationship with the team – I just wish we could pick them up and take them with us.
  • Staff are always so happy.
  • The level of communication is so refreshing – I feel like I can really trust the ward.
  • I can’t rate the staff enough.
  • St Andrew's helps the whole family – not just the child. They do honestly care, there is an awful amount of caring.
  • I love the daily phonecalls – it feels like I’m speaking to my extended family now.
  • We couldn’t ask for better – you are all so very straight talking which we like.
  • Staff are approachable and rapport is good – the staff approach is a massive strength – we can have difficult conversations and constructive conversations if issues need addressing.