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New video takes us inside FitzRoy House

FitzRoy House is Europe’s newest and largest adolescent mental health facility. Providing specialised, personalised care, FitzRoy House is designed to support up to 110 young people with some of the most complex mental health needs in the UK.

The building opened in January 2017, and in the preceding weeks the young people that would soon be living there took part in tours to get to know FitzRoy House and its many features. 

Our newly-released film captures one such tour and some of the reactions on seeing the facility for the first time:

The 11-ward facility was carefully designed with the input of psychiatrists, nursing teams, occupational therapists and the patients themselves, to create the best possible environment for recovery. Decisions on ward names, the interior colour scheme and the many artwork installations have been led by patients to help create a feeling of warmth and welcome.

Features include:

  • A custom-designed sensory therapy room that incorporates inbuilt sound-damping, adjustable lighting and secure fastenings for swing equipment. St Andrew’s was the first residential mental health provider to adopt sensory therapy and it has proved highly beneficial to patients.
  • Art and music suites, outdoor animal care courtyards and fitness rooms, together with therapy kitchens and a light workshop. An indoor sports hall and outside multi-use games area provides space for team games.
  • A new setting for St Andrew’s College, rated by Ofsted as outstanding. A unique science laboratory enables students to complete practical exams by instructing a teacher to perform experiments on their behalf – that way keeping them safe from hazardous chemicals.
  • A TEACCH* classroom within the College, specially designed to provide a supportive environment for students with autistic spectrum disorders. The room has low lighting, sound damping and distinct student workspaces.

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