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Posted on Aug 25 2022 by Fiona Bailey

A trio of staff dubbed the “brave boxers” of St Andrew's Healthcare are taking part in a fundraising match later this week.

James Wyatt, Nurse Manager of  Fairbairn Ward, Andy Gill, a member of the Essential Skills team and Danny Young, Nurse Manager of Robinson Ward are taking part in the event on behalf of the Frank Bruno Foundation.

The match is being held at the Deco in Northampton on Friday, August 26. The last time James took part in an event like this, more than £10,000 was raised. The money made from this boxing match will be used to fund courses to help sufferers of poor mental health.

James said: “The main aims of this exciting event is to raise dosh for people who are in secure services, as we’re trying to reduce the number of people coming into them.

“My first fight was a draw, so I’m making a ring return to try to determine a winner once and for all. I’ve been involved in boxing for a few years now and I’ve really enjoyed the experience. It really helps to take the anger and upset you may be experiencing from your day, out on the pads.”

James and his colleagues are encouraging staff from St Andrew’s Healthcare to come along to their boxing club and to give the sport a go.

James added: “I’m really hopeful to get more people from work involved as those who do come along honestly get so much from it. I’m now volunteering with the Frank Bruno Foundation and I’m thrilled to be involved, as they are doing so much for community mental health and education services. The organisation aligns with a lot of the work we’re already doing at St Andrew’s.”

Danny said: “Boxing is great for teamwork and it’s hugely improved my fitness and the coaches are all awesome, everyone takes time to support each other, at all different levels. It’s a been a great challenge to work towards Friday’s event, but afterwards I’ll still keep up the training. Although it has been a real commitment, I’ve been training up to two hours a day, five times a week for eight months, so I’m feeling good. Make way for the brave boxers of St Andrew's who are going to be making a big impact on Friday.”

Andy, who will be taking part in what is called an ‘exhibition fight’ because he is an ex-serviceman, said: “I never thought I could get so much from boxing. The downside is, none of us are getting any younger, so we get a few niggles. I’ve had the odd cracked rib, suspected broken nose and cracked jaw, but there’s something really special and powerful about putting on those gloves and hitting your target. Not only has my fitness improved, but maintaining this strict training routine as done me wonders for my head.”

The Frank Bruno Foundation Boxing Event is taking place on Friday, August 26 at The Deco in Northampton. Tickets are £25. Click here to purchase and to find out more information.

If any staff would like to attend a session, James has arranged a free, non-contact, taster session for all St Andrew’s Healthcare staff. For those who would like to attend, please contact Limited spaces are available.