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Episode 5 of On the Ward – Your questions answered!

LISTEN: S1: Ep5 | On the Ward : Your questions answered 

St Andrew’s Healthcare has today released the season finale of hit podcast ‘On the Ward’.

In this episode, Staff Nurse John-Barry Waldron seeks to answer some of the burning questions which listeners have sent in – which cover everything from electric shock therapy, to the checks which happen in the hospital. Healthcare Assistant Michael Mullally, along with the patient featured in episode 1, were on hand to answer the queries. 

Episode 5 marks the end of season 1, but John insists there will be a second season after receiving so many positive reviews, and even recognition from TV personality and Mental Health campaigner Russell Brand.

“All of our patients have got fantastic stories to tell and a fantastic life history. The podcast is a way of giving them a voice, as well as helping others who may be struggling, and breaking down the stigma attached to mental health,” said John, who qualified from his nursing degree in March this year.

“We will be back for a second series, as we have received so much positive feedback from people who have said the podcast has helped them,” he added.

On the Ward is available to stream or download now on iTunes, and Google Podcasts.