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What being an Occupational Therapist means to me

As part of Occupational Therapy Week 2017, we have been asking some of our 167 occupational therapy staff what being an OT means to them.

Meet Bethan Ward. She is a third year Occupational Therapy student at Oxford Brookes University who is completing her placement within our Women’s Mental Health service in Northampton.

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I am an occupational therapist and today I…

“I supported a group of patients with creating an under-water themed mural for the distress tolerance room to create a calming, relaxing atmosphere. We painted the sea, drew fish and coloured in coral and shells.

“Patients interacted with one another to problem-solve and make creative decisions together. Using a range of materials meant that they got to explore different tactile sensations and learn new skills. The patients were pleased with today’s progress and proud of the beautiful work they had created.”

What does Occupational Therapy mean to me?

“Being an occupational therapist means holistically working with individuals to bring about positive change to their lives.

“This is done through motivating, teaching, adapting their environment and providing meaningful activities to improve confidence, feelings of self-worth and increased performance skills.”

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