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Posted on Mar 8 2021 by Jo Lehmann

On the Ward is back with a new episode focusing on education

As the schools return after lockdown 3, our award-winning podcast is back with a new episode focusing on education.

In this episode John speaks to a patient about the importance of education and what types of things are available to our patients at St Andrew's, such as vocational courses to learn new life skills, or courses through our REDs academy, which enable colleagues and patients alike to gain a better understanding about mental health.

Throughout the course of his honest conversation with John, the patient explains that he himself has faced issues associated with education:

"I came up against a surprising stigma, and that was my education.... because I had a degree they said, 'you can't be that ill'. They said 'you're well spoken, eloquent and educated, you'll be alright', and that was very frustrating."

The patient thankfully got the treatment he required and says he is now recovering well in hospital.

John and the patient also explored the outdated perception of secure mental health hospitals:

"Unless people have had experience of visiting, or being in a hospital, they still think of straitjackets and padded cells.

"We're living our lives in here. This is our home. And it's not just about taking your pills and talking to the shrink. There's more to everybody's lives than that."​​​​​​​

We also hear from Martine Lucas, our Recovery College Peer Trainer based in Essex who explains in detail what the Recovery and Everyday Skills College (REDs) has to offer.

Episode 5 of series 2 is out now.

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