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Posted on Sep 29 2021 by

An autism spectrum disorder (ASD) patient has found “therapeutic solace” from building a strong connection with bees which are kept on site at St Andrew’s in Northampton.

There are currently three bee hives which house approximately 40,000 bees in each and they have been kept at the charity since 2019.

Since then patients at the charity hospital are openly encouraged to work with the bees in a bid to expand their knowledge base, provide them with responsibility and educate them about their vital role in the production of food. 

Specialist Technical Instructor Trudy Neale said: “The bees have had a huge impact on one particular autistic community service user who has made a close bond with the bees after just four weeks of beekeeping.

“He finds working with the bees calming and we believe he’s found therapeutic solace from them. The patient loves insects and he’s waited two years for the opportunity to look after them.

“In addition, caring for the bees has given the patient a lot more responsibility, such as checking their health and ensuring they have not caught any diseases, so it’s been a wonderfully positive experience.”