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Posted on Jun 17 2022 by

Patients and staff who support the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer community (LGBTQ) took part in a Pride March across St Andrew’s Healthcare.

Colourful clothing and accessories were encouraged and participants enjoyed an afternoon in the sunshine as they marched through the historic grounds to demonstrate their freedom to be truly who they are. 

The event was a joyous occasion where LGBT patients, staff, and their allies could gather to celebrate what it means to be a part of the LGBT community at St Andrew’s. 

Sarah Ward-Greef, St Andrew’s Pride Network co-chair, said: “It was heart-warming to see so many patients and staff coming together to celebrate Pride and what they have in common. St Andrew’s is home to all kinds of people and that really was evident today.” 

After the march, patients were invited to the onsite social club and wrote about what pride meant to them. 

Comments included themes of “acceptance”, “community” and “no judgement”. 

When asked what they are proud of about themselves, many responded with comments such as “I am bisexual and proud”, “proud of my recovery”, and “accepting who I am and loving myself”. 

Cheryl Nyabezi, Diversity and Inclusion manager at St Andrew’s, said: “As a charity that promotes wellbeing, gives hope and enables recovery, we want all aspects of our patients and staff’s identities to be recognised and celebrated. Events like the pride march are key in fostering a sense of belonging and support, while demonstrating our dedication to equality across everything we do. 

 I would like to thank Sarah Ward-Greef, Casey Fox and the PRIDE team for all their hard work in planning this march.” 

To find out more about the St Andrew’s PRIDE network, please read about our culture.