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Posted on May 30 2019 by

Hello! I'm Jess Lievesley

Having worked my entire career in mental health & learning disability care, I am delighted to have joined St Andrew’s as one of the country’s foremost mental health charities. Having trained as a mental health nurse in 1993, I have held a number of clinical managerial and senior leadership roles within the NHS and local Government.

Most recently I was the Executive Director of Delivery and Experience at Hertfordshire Partnership University NHS Foundation Trust, where I held the responsibility for the delivery and strategic development of services across four counties.

I am passionate about delivering the best possible outcomes for individuals in our care and promoting a sense of hope and recovery, both of which being elements that chime with the charity’s commitment to alleviating suffering, promoting hope and being resolutely committed to supporting recovery across all of our services.

I recognise the challenges that face the charity at this time of change and see an integral part of my role to respond to the changing expectations and demands placed on us by those who use our services, their families and carers as well as those who fund us.

Mental health and learning disability care has never had greater prominence, and the ambition to see parity of esteem with physical health care places an onus on us all to think about what we are doing to reduce the unacceptable health inequalities that exist in the population of people with mental health or a learning disability diagnosis.

I look forward to working with everyone involved within the charity to improve outcomes, innovate our services and develop our staff to be the very best in the field.