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Posted on Mar 31 2022 by Fiona Bailey

Mental health experts are urged to volunteer in order to help English speaking military stationed in Ukraine at the moment who may be struggling with the conflict.

Consultant psychiatrist Dr Alexei Titievskii, who has been busy setting up field hospitals in the war-torn country has also been providing psychological support to those who need it, but is becoming overwhelmed with the number of requests.

So, he is looking to launch a psychological support unit which can be accessed via the phone or online platforms such as Zoom or Teams, in a bid to help those who may be showing signs of post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

Alexei said: “None of us can truly understand just how traumatising it must be to be forced to fight for your country. There are people in Ukraine who have had to say goodbye to their wives, partners, parents and children, not really knowing when or if they will ever see them again.

“If that wasn’t bad enough they are having to watch their country being torn apart by Russian soldiers, buildings, shops and houses being bombed and innocent people losing their lives. Many of these men don’t have any sort of military background at all and what they must be seeing with their own eyes must be completely devastating.

“Offering mental health support is the very least we can do and I’m urging anyone with any psychiatry background to please get in touch so I can co-ordinate our support as quickly as possible,”

Alexei, who was born in Ukraine, still has his mother and older brother living in the country. His nephew is currently fighting on the front line.

Since the war was announced, Alexei has been granted time off from work, to orchestrate the creation of four field hospitals across the invaded country. Last week, the first hospital opened and he is continuing to work on opening the remaining three.

For anyone who thinks they might be able to help with Alexei’s efforts regarding the psychological support unit, he is asking the email the St Andrew’s Communications team on