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Posted on Aug 24 2017 by Bobbie Kelly

Additional support for our new student nurses

To enhance the support we offer staff members who are undertaking degree-level training, we’re proud to welcome Katherine Merrick who will work jointly with us and the University of Northampton.

Katherine (Kat) will be working at the University as a Lecturer in Clinical Skills (Mental Health Nursing), while supporting Healthcare Assistants from St Andrew’s who are undertaking nursing training through our ASPIRE programme.

The ASPIRE programme helps staff to gain a nursing degree, while being supported by a £15,000 per year bursary. Fourteen members of staff graduated from the programme this summer, and 15 new colleagues will start their ASPIRE journey this September. 

Kat recently attended a graduation event at the University, where she met students who had just finished their three-year courses. She commented: “I remember finishing my own nursing degree, so I appreciate how excited, proud and nervous our latest graduates must feel. I’m looking forward to helping future students on their journey to being just as brilliant.”

Ged Rogers, Clinical Education Manager for St Andrew’s Healthcare, commented: “Kat’s appointment is an exciting extension to our excellent partnership with the University of Northampton. It is the reward of many years collaboration in developing a second to none route for healthcare assistants to realise their dream of being registered nurses through our ASPIRE programme.

“This innovative and creative role will not only enhance our ability to support staff to become nurses, but also enhance their experience of being a student nurse.”