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Posted on Aug 3 2021 by Fiona Bailey

A Governor of St Andrew's Healthcare has openly talked about how “food became the enemy” during an interview on a podcast which is dedicated to eating disorders.

Tracy Northampton, who is also a Psychotherapist and Patron of the Body Dysmorphic Foundation agreed to take part in the This Food Thing which is hosted by Jemma Richards.

The episode was dedicated to Tracy’s niece Charlotte who would have turned 21 on the date it was broadcast. Charlotte had suffered from body dysmorphia and Jemma told the audience she had sadly taken her own life.

Welcoming Tracy onto the podcast, Jemma began by asking her whether food is a “friend or foe?”

Tracy said: “I think it’s become more of a friend over the years, but I think if I was going to track back to my teen years, I would say food definitely became the enemy.”

The fully-trained yoga teacher explained she had suffered from bulimia as a teenager which had started around the time puberty began.

“I could feel my body changing. It was almost like my body was getting bigger and that was really uncomfortable for me,” Tracy explained.

However, she has fully recovered now, attributing therapy, yoga and training as a Psychotherapist as huge catalysts to her improved health.

Explaining her chosen career path, Tracy said: “For as long as I can remember I’ve enjoyed bringing people together and supporting and helping them. I think eating disorders are definitely recoverable with the right support.”

To listen to the full interview, click here.