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Posted on Nov 29 2021 by Fiona Bailey

The team has been announced as winners of the Carers Champion Award at the Carer Friendly Business Awards.

The accolade was made even more special as the announcement was made on Carers Rights Day which takes place annually on November 25.

The Carers Champion Award was presented to the team for going above and beyond for all the carers they come into contact with.

They were nominated by a former patient’s mother, who said: “My experience as a carer has been positive from day one. It never changed. I cannot fault the staff at St Andrew’s as they were all amazing to my son, to me and the rest of my family.

“Every single member of staff on my son’s ward was incredible. If I ever rang and they were busy doing ward rounds or medications, they would explain they were unable to speak then, and would call my straight back afterwards. I had loads of support from them all.”

The carer – who will remain anonymous – explained she lost her mum during the time her son was being treated at St Andrew’s.

She said: “When staff found out they were always ringing me to see how I was.  They went above and beyond because not only were they worried about me, they were worried about how my grief might impact my son who was very vulnerable at the time.”

She also heaped praise onto her son’s care team giving special mention to Tracy O'Reilly, Farhk Mahmood, Sharon Maher and Lorraine Higham.

On the night of the virtual awards, held by Birmingham organisation Forward Carers, Jeff Bryan – Inclusion & Wellbeing Training Development Manager for University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, congratulated St Andrew’s.

He said: “The judges were absolutely overwhelmed by the nominations that came in from St Andrew’s as they showed the team are clearly prioritising the needs of carers and know the important job they all do everyday. Congratulations.”

The team has been invited to a winners breakfast on December 8 where they will receive their trophy and certificate.

Viki Williams, Birmingham’s Hospital Director, said: “This is such a huge honour and I could not be prouder of the team. To hear how this carer received such a personalised touch is truly heart-warming and just goes to show how vital keeping our patients’ carers informed at all times really is.

“I was fortunate enough to hear some of the feedback from our carer who nominated the team and she said that we helped put her at ease when her son was first admitted. We kept in regular contact and Tracy particularly was really good at responding to her emails, normally replying within 24 hours. 

“I hope the team realise the huge difference they make to our patients and their carers and that this award is extremely deserved.”

At the end of the awards ceremony, Simon Fenton, CEO of Forward Carers, said: “A carers job is rarely done, and our work to ensure they are better supported and recognised is only just the beginning.

“I am encouraged by you all here this evening, together we can make a difference; together we are creating carer friendly communities.”

Posted on Nov 29 2021 by Fiona Bailey