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Posted on Dec 19 2017 by Bobbie Kelly

St Andrew's Healthcare scoops RAID® Award

We are pleased to announce that St Andrew’s Healthcare, Birmingham, has won a RAID® Award for excellence in caring for patients with challenging behaviour.

These annual, national awards were established by Association for Psychological Therapies to keep people ‘enthused’ about working with challenging behaviour, and enable those who often exhibit such behaviour to lead rewarding lives for themselves.

The winning entry from St Andrew’s, Birmingham, was for the hospital’s work on Positive Behavioural Support (PBS) training, which has been fully integrated during staff induction. The entry describes how new staff have been involved in designing their own PBS plan and goals in order to gain a practical view of the method. New starters at the charity have also been able to hear from a keen patient representative during induction, who has spoken of his experience within care settings.

Angela Shaw, Advanced Nurse Practitioner, explained: "It has been a pleasure working with the team in Birmingham throughout this work. The patient engagement and feedback is a credit to the hard work of the teams, and they have implemented and embraced using the RAID® and PBS approach to the fullest.”

The judges commented: “This project looks at embedding The RAID® approach within an organisation and highlights the importance of person centred care, patient involvement and ongoing review in the development of care plans. The care plans described allow and encourage staff to spot ‘green behaviour’ and there are examples of what constitutes ‘red’ and ‘green’ behaviours for a specific person with a visual aid for the patient.

"We especially liked the modification of the behavioural plan to facilitate more immediate and positive feedback for the patient, and staff thinking about what may be rewarding and motivating for the specific individual.”

"We are also pleased to note the recognition of how important it is to create the culture in which RAID® approaches are used by staff in day to day interactions and that this is supported by regular training for staff and time to reflect and discuss cases.”

Angelia added: “The RAID award is a reflection of the hard work carried out by all in Birmingham. And a big thank you to the patient reps who have spoken during teaching sessions and the patients who have been involved in putting this application together.”

This year there were five submissions for the RAID® Awards, and St Andrew's Healthcare won one of the three awards made.

To view all of the winning entries, visit the APT website