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St Andrew's mental health bootcamp a success

St Andrew’s Healthcare welcomed more than 80 members of the public to attend a Mental Health Bootcamp on Tuesday 10 October to find out more about mental wellbeing in the workplace.

Organised by St Andrew’s outpatient clinic – which offers assessments and treatments following a GP referral – the Mental Health Bootcamp gave attendees the opportunity to find out how more about how to improve their work-life balance.

The event coincided with World Mental Health Day 2017, which focussed on Mental Health in the workplace, with our experiences at work being one of the factors that determine our overall wellbeing.

Sam Cooper-Evans, Lead Consultant Psychologist at St Andrew’s Healthcare, explained: “For many people in the workplace, bringing up the subject of mental health is something which they wouldn’t dare to do, for fear of jeopardising their career. However, when people feel pressured in their work and are trying to manage this alongside their home commitments, it is common to become overwhelmed, which can have a negative impact on an overall sense of wellbeing and ability to cope.

“On a basic level, staying well hydrated, taking time out to exercise, eating healthily, getting outside and taking a walk on your lunch break, or practising mindfulness skills, will all have a positive effect on your mental health whilst at work. It’s also important that people access support if they feel they need this to prevent the development of more serious mental health problems that can arise from chronic stress such as depression and anxiety.”

The Mental Health Bootcamp gave attendees the chance experience yoga, with a free class led by instructor Paul Thomson, as well as mindfulness taster sessions.

A number of exhibitors were also on hand to offer support and advice in managing workplace stress and improving wellbeing, including representatives from Mind, Northamptonshire Sport, NHS Changing Minds IAPT, Barclaycard, First for Wellbeing, Workbridge and numerous others.

“Many organisations are now recognising the positive link between employee wellbeing and productivity,” Sam added. “The stigma surrounding mental health is reducing. Events such as this Boot Camp help reduce this stigma and showcase the support available. It is important that workplaces embed the idea that it is okay for people to ask for help if they feel they need it.”

You can find out more about St Andrew's outpatient clinic by clicking here.