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Posted on Aug 24 2018 by Bobbie Kelly

St Andrew’s Healthcare publishes Annual Report 2017/18

St Andrew’s Healthcare has today published its annual report for the financial year 2017/18.

2017/18 was a year of significant change for the charity. While all organisations need to continually develop, improve and become more efficient, the year can truly be described as one of ‘transformation’ for our patients and staff. And we’re proud to be transforming for the better.

Each year, the Charity produces an Annual Report that sets out in detail the Charity’s finances, its activities over the previous year and its plans for the following year. Our previous Annual Reports have been quite ‘corporate’ in style and have not been widely read or shared. This year we decided to review the approach and write an Annual Report that was more accessible and interesting for our most important stakeholders – patients, carers, staff and volunteers, and commissioners. 

The aim was to produce a report that set out in straightforward language what the Charity has done over the last year, and what our plans are for the year ahead, using less words, but illustrating the messages with stories and quotes from patients and carers, and using artwork that our patients produced. The theme of the report is “Hope”, which our patients tell us is so important to them.

Claire Carless, the charity’s General Counsel and Company Secretary, is behind the new-look publication. She explained: “When we were preparing the report, we kept in mind our readers - perhaps a carer who might have just visited a family member for the first time, in a new place, not knowing what a stay at St Andrew’s might involve or lead to, and how their family member might be treated. We wanted the report to give some assurance to that carer, by giving them a glimpse into what life and treatment is like here for our patients and to show them that there can be hope for a better future.” 

The St Andrew’s Healthcare 2017/18 Annual Report can be found by clicking here. Our 2017/2018 Financial Statements are available here.