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Posted on Jan 27 2020 by Bobbie Kelly

St Andrew's Healthcare publishes gender pay report

St Andrew's Healthcare has published its gender pay gap report, which shows that in 2018-2019, the charity had a median pay gap of 0% (i.e median female pay and male pay were the same), and a mean gender pay gap of 7.1% (i.e mean female pay was 7.1% lower than male pay).

This is the third gender pay gap report we've produced in line with government guidelines, and shows that based on figures as of April 2019, that we've maintained our excellent results.

Commenting on the report, Martin Kersey our Executive Director of HR said:

"We're extremely pleased that all of these figures are significantly lower than the national average, and we are working to narrow the gap even further. We're continuing in our efforts to pay everyone fairly and equally and to improve pay for lower earners."

"We’re committed to inclusion in all its forms. We know that diversity is one of our greatest strengths, contributing positively to our success and, most importantly, to the care we provide for the people in our care."

Click here to read our 2018-2019 gender pay gap report.