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Posted on Jan 10 2023 by Fiona Bailey

St Andrew's Healthcare's LightBulb Mental Health programme is launching a school roadshow to mark Children’s Mental Health Week. 

Schools are across Northamptonshire are being given the opportunity to sign up and take part so they can put the mental health of their students at the forefront of their pastoral curriculum. 

The LightBulb Mental Health Roadshow, which is for both primary and secondary schools, is due to kicks off on Monday, February 6, 2023 to mark Children’s Mental Health Week,

LightBulb is the St Andrew’s Mental Wellness Programme for Schools, which was created by teachers from the St Andrew’s College. It has been designed to help teachers to spot the early signs of mental health issues and for children to make sense of any feelings they may be experiencing and then asking for help.

There will be virtual events online everyday over the course of the week which schools can attend. Schools signed up will also have the option to virtually join the LightBulb assembly on the first day, or can opt to receive the assembly plan to host it in house.

The LightBulb team will also be visiting schools around the county to deliver some assemblies or lessons to the classroom, although space is limited. The visits will be allocated on a first come, first served basis.

To register interest and to find out more information, contact

For more information about the LightBulb Programme, click here.