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Posted on Sep 6 2021 by Fiona Bailey

Mental health is being put firmly in the forefront of people's minds as local newspaper the Chronicle and Echo has agreed to publish a St Andrew's column every month.

Psychotherapist Liz Ritchie, who is based at the Northampton hospital, will draft a monthly piece about various mental health issues which may be affecting readers and people at home.

Her first column appeared in the latest edition of the Northampton newspaper which was published on Thursday, September 2 on page 42. She chose to write about how children may be feeling anxious about returning to school after the summer holidays. 

Liz said: "Due to the pandemic, most children's academic journeys over the last 18 months have probably been very disjointed. We know young people thrive in routine, but that has been hugely disrupted and so it's completely understandable if children have been feeling very nervous about returning to school.

"The idea of my column is to write about everyday issues which might be upsetting or worrying people in the community. Showing people that whatever they're feeling is normal and that they're not alone can be hugely beneficial to improving someone's mental health. I also want to use my page to help people who may be struggling and to give them some hints and tips on how to help themselves." 

The next column will be published in October.