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Posted on Mar 17 2022 by Fiona Bailey

BBC Look East visited the Northampton St Andrew’s site on Wednesday to speak to a consultant psychiatrist about his involvement in helping the people of Ukraine.

Dr Alexei Titievskii, who has family in the conflicted country, is currently focussed on creating four field hospitals there from his base in Northampton.

He has been able to dedicate all his time to doing this as St Andrew’s CEO Jess Lievesley agreed to give him a month away from his day job.

When the BBC heard of Alexei‘s plight they got in touch eager to speak with him about his efforts.

In addition to regional television, Alexei was also interviewed for BBC Northampton and the Chronicle and Echo.

He has brought together a team of volunteers, medical experts and humanitarians to help make the hospitals a “reality”.

On Thursday he has flown to Ireland to oversee a 40ft container which is being sent over to Kyviv and will mark the start of the first field hospital being set up.

Alexei has been able to step forward and lead this project because he has experience from his time spent in the military when he was drafted in as a medical doctor in the 80s during a similar invasion.  

He said: “I know what it is needed and I have many military and political connections so I’ve been able to move fairly swiftly on this. We’ve got lorries leaving for Ukraine on a daily basis delivering medical supplies such as x-ray machines, beds, medication and iv fluids and tubing.

“I’m just hugely grateful to St Andrew’s for allowing me to have time away from work so I can fully focus on the logistics of this operation.”

Alexei himself, who is dedicating his days to organising lorry pick ups has used his own money to buy two second-hand 4x4s which, once they arrive, will be used as makeshift ambulances on the frontline to assess wounded soldiers and deliver them to the hospital he is setting up.

To watch the story, click here and find the evening episode for Wednesday, March 16.