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Posted on Sep 21 2023 by Bobbie Kelly

St Andrew's to host Ju Jitsu sessions - open to everyone!

We're proud to share that we're hosting Ju Jitsu sessions in our main building, thanks to the team at Sei Jou Kai Ju Jitsu.

Ju Jitsu (originally known as 柔術, jūjutsu) is a Japanese martial art developed by the Samurai as a method of close combat. Fitness, core strength and flexibility are key features of the training, but it also has excellent benefits for mental health. We also train extensively with and array of traditional weapons.

We caught up with Roger Knowles, Sensei (teacher), to ask him a few questions about this exciting new offering…

Hello Roger! Is Ju Jitsu good for wellbeing and mental health?

It is excellent. The more you train, the better you feel. To learn a disciplined, complex martial art takes time, commitment and a focussed mind-set. But these are things you develop as you progress through the ranks. It’s not about becoming a Black Belt (Yudanhsa), it’s about the journey. I feel too many people today want a quick fix - Ju Jitsu is not that.

Through the practice, learning and exercise of Ju Jitsu it takes us to a new place, often one we thought we’d never achieve. I love to see people make that journey, especially the person they become (I have created some 20 Black Belts over the years). There is also a camaraderie that is built and it stays with you, and the people you meet on that journey.

By learning Ju Jitsu you really learn far more than just mere physical skills - you train your mind in so many ways too.

How long have you been studying Ju Jitsu?

I started with Okinawa Goju Rye Karate in 1986 (2 years), then tried Taekwondo (2 years) and then found Ju Jitsu (29 years). It has many benefits: strength, endurance, agility, confidence and learning about the fascinating historical, complex world of Japanese Ju Jitsu and the Art of the Samurai, the ruling class of feudal Japan. I am fascinated by Japanese culture, history and the language, which we also use to a degree during training.

I have travelled and taught internationally, attending many seminars (Sweden, Germany, Ireland, Bosnia, Spain etc) and trained with some of the world’s best Jujitsuka along the way.

When and where are the sessions taking place?

We are hosting sessions on Wednesday evenings in the Great Hall, Main Building at St Andrew's, Northampton. Each session costs £10 and lasts for 1.5 hours. Annual Membership including insurance is £25 and the Gi (Branded Embroidered 14oz Cotton Uniform) is £65.

How do people book, what does it cost and what do they need to do / bring?

Just attend one of the sessions, contact us via the website or call us (07729 350727) with any questions. Turn up to the first lesson wearing joggers and an old t-shirt.

Are there any age limits or health restrictions?

Under 16s must be accompanied by a responsible adult/guardian, and any / all health issues must be declared - don't worry though, many ailments can be accommodated. Ju Jitsu is open to everyone - men, women and people of any age - it’s never too late to learn this noble art!

Get involved! Contact Roger via the website. Sessions held every Wednesday!