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Posted on Jul 3 2020 by Jo Lehmann

St Andrew’s to sound chapel bells during final clap for carers this weekend

Staff from across St Andrew’s will join the nation this Sunday as people come out and clap at 5pm to say thank you to all health and social care staff who have worked throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. The final clap for carers is being held to mark 72nd anniversary of the NHS.

To honour the occasion, Reverend Philip Evans, one of the Charity’s chaplains will ring the chapel bell at 5pm for 5 minutes.

Reverend Philip Evans said:

“Church bells have been a rare sound over the last few months, as places of worship have been closed. We wanted to honour the occasion and say thanks to all of our nurses, doctors, therapists, and all other key workers for the work they’ve done throughout this pandemic.”

Katie Fisher St Andrew’s CEO said:

“This weekend marks 72nd anniversary of the NHS. Over the last few months our health service has had to content with the greatest challenge in its history. The country has been kept running thanks to the dedicated work from our health and social care workers, as well as fellow key workers. I will personally be honouring all of them this weekend, whilst also remembering the thousands of people who sadly passed away during this outbreak.”

A nationwide minute’s silence will also be held on the evening of Saturday 4 July when people will be asked to light a candle in remembrance of all who have died during the Covid-19 pandemic. 

At St Andrew's in Northampton the chapel will be open from 4pm to 9pm to enable patients and staff to come and light a candle and have their time of reflection, supported by a chaplain.  Patients who are unable to access the grounds will also be able to take part, as the chaplain will light a candle on their behalf.

Our staff have worked throughout the pandemic, providing support and care for our patients, the majority of whom come from the NHS, as well as their carers and families.