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Posted on Sep 26 2023 by Fiona Bailey

The “positives of co-production” were put into practice recently when staff and patients came together to tidy up the gardens around the Patient Recreation Club (PRC).

Between them, they racked up a total of 407 hours of volunteering, while also painting some of the PRC and gardening outside.

The group came together as part of the newly formed Education, Research and Training (ERT) unit in a bid to bring everyone together and show how together teams can produce wonderful things.

Dr Inga Stewart, Head of Co-Production and Inclusion, said: “We wanted to find a way of bringing everyone together and what better way to portray great teamwork then doing some DIY and gardening. We want to show everyone across the Charity that the ERT unit is here and that together we are one big team and are looking to achieve projects together. It was important to us all that we  felt a sense of connection and identity and pride.

“The atmosphere was really great and everyone was equal. We were just one team working together with one main goal, which was to brighten the PRC up a bit while also tidying up the outside around it.

“Not only were we showcasing the positives of co-production but being outside, being active and being sociable is also a great way to improve wellbeing, I certainly felt wonderful when I got home from work that day – like we had really achieved something all together.”