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Posted on Feb 17 2022 by Fiona Bailey

Two members of St Andrew’s staff have been praised by a member of the public for helping a stranger out when walking near the main Northampton hospital site.

Just a week before National Random Acts of Kindness Day, which this year takes place on Thursday, February 17, Healthcare Assistants Nicola Smith and Madi Ball ran to the aid of an older gentleman.

They had been on their break from Sitwell when they spotted the man fall over. Instantly concerned for his welfare they offered him first aid, a drink and called their duty nurse for further advice.

They suggested he attend Accident and Emergency at Northampton General Hospital where was given the all clear.

The man’s wife, who was with him at the time of the accident, was so enamoured by the kindness that Nicola and Madi had shown, she emailed St Andrew’s as she wanted to pass on her thanks.

She wrote: “Last Friday I was out walking down Billing Road with my husband when he fell. Two very kind ladies from St Andrew’s stopped to help and patched up his face. I know it’s a long shot in such a huge establishment, but I would like to thank those ladies for their kindness.

“Living with a person with dementia presents daily challenges, as you will be aware, and acts of kindness, such as this, are very special.”

The Communications team were able to track Nicola and Madi down and passed on the lady’s message.

Nicola said: “So glad he is ok. They were such a lovely couple, walking off hand in hand, it was really sweet. Can we pass on our thanks for their thanks please? Also, it was lovely to hear that they are both ok. As we were concerned. Very glad to hear he got checked out.”

Sitwell’s Nurse Manager Carrie Pittuck said: “I’m very proud of Nicola and Madi, but not surprised. The staff we have here on Sitwell – indeed across St Andrew’s – are very special. Each and every member of staff is kind, courteous and will always put others first. Well done to them both.”