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Posted on Apr 26 2018 by Bobbie Kelly

St Andrew’s proudly signs the STOMP pledge

 St Andrew’s Healthcare yesterday (25 April 2016)  joined other healthcare providers in signing the ‘Stop over-medicating people with learning disability, autism or both’ (STOMP) pledge.

The STOMP project was setup to stop the over-medication of people with a learning disability and / or autism. By signing the pledge, St Andrew’s commits to:

  • Improve quality of life for children, young people and adults with a learning disability, autism or both, who are prescribed psychotropic medications
  • Make sure people only receive these medications for the right reasons and in the right amount
  • Improve understanding of these medications and when they should, or should not be used
  • Improve understanding of non-medication treatments and support which may help
  • Make sure that people work with their doctor, multi-disciplinary team and other people who support them in making any changes to treatment

Debra Moore, Transforming Care Director at St Andrew’s Healthcare, explained: “Yesterday St Andrew’s was a proud signatory to the NHS England STOMP campaign. Dr Louise Braham, Clinical Director signed the pledge on our behalf along with a number of other healthcare providers, which demonstrates our commitment to its key objectives; exploring alternatives to medication and working in partnership with people and families.”

Pictured: Dr Louise Braham, Clinical Director, St Andrew’s Healthcare.