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Posted on Sep 16 2021 by Fiona Bailey

A top Consultant Clinical Psychologist who has dedicated 25 years of her career to working in mental health has featured in an article published in the NR Times. 

Dr Lorraine Childs is based on Rose Ward which is located at St Andrew's Healthcare in Northampton. It is one of only three secure neurobehavioural units in the country and has become well known for its quality of care for those who have encountered a serious brain injury. 

Dr Childs specialises in forensic brain injury and explains in the article how she uses a structured neurobehavioral programme with all her patients.

Speaking to the NR Times she said this approach has been developed by staff and patients, which "works at both a group and individual level".

She added: "We work with a neurobehavioural paradigm, helping people to learn new skills or re-learn skills that have been affected by brain injury. We give patients opportunities through extensive vocational options and a range of therapies. 

"Our ‘Better Lives’ programme provides people with opportunities to learn life skills. Patients really understand that they are here as part of their journey to achieve a better life.

In fact, our ward icon and motto is Muhammad Ali and his quote; ‘Don’t count the days, Make the days count’. In other words, the patients can influence their own future every day."

To read the full article, click here.