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Posted on Apr 12 2021 by

We're leading the way on equal pay

We’ve always valued the importance that difference can bring to the workplace, and we’re working hard to ensure St Andrew’s is a fully inclusive organisation.

As part of our commitment to inclusion, for the second year we have reviewed the relationship between ethnicity and pay in our charity. This is something that we’re not required to review or publish, however with our commitment to transparency we want to share our results. 

Ethnicity Pay Gap


Ethnicity Pay Gap 2019 20

Posted on Apr 12 2021 by

The results highlight the difference in average hourly pay between Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic (BAME) colleagues and non-Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic colleagues. The calculations are based on individuals who have disclosed their ethnicity, which at the time of reporting was 62% of our workforce.

When organisations publish pay gap data the median is the main measure assessed. It is calculated by listing all rates of pay for Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic colleagues and other colleagues, identifying the ones in the middle and then identifying any pay difference.

Our median pay gap this year is -3.9%, which means that our Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic employees receive a higher hourly rate of pay in comparison to our non-Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic colleagues. This compares to -2.8% last year and is a fantastic achievement, and one that we should be very proud of, especially when we compare ourselves to the national average of 2.3% (median) and other organisations who publish this data.

We recognise that within some ethnic groups there are pay gap variations and this data is being used to inform our inclusion initiatives. We currently have a number of positive initiatives such as:

  • A reverse mentoring programme pairing BAME Network members with leaders from the Charity Executive Committee
  • The roll out of unconscious bias training
  • Ensuring that all recruitment and reward decisions are fair from an ethnicity perspective
  • A successful BAME Network that provides peer support and networking for people of all ethnicities

Martin Kersey our Executive HR Director commented:

"We're extremely pleased that our ethnicity pay gap figure is significantly lower than the national average. We know that diversity is one of our greatest strengths, contributing positively to our success and, most importantly, to the care we provide for our patients.”