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Posted on Feb 19 2019 by

Bringing care closer to home

St Andrew’s Healthcare has joined forces with other healthcare providers to change how forensic mental health services are delivered in the East Midlands.

We are part of a New Care Model - led by Nottinghamshire Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust in conjunction with seven other healthcare providers - which will redesign forensic mental health services across the region. The New Care Model aims to provide much better services to service users and their families, by ensuring people are cared for as close to home as possible.

Dr Katina Anagnostakis, Consultant Forensic Psychiatrist & Clinical Director with St Andrew’s Healthcare, is the Clinical Lead for the programme. She explained: “The New Care Model programme is a fantastic opportunity to redesign secure services across the region, putting patient experience and outcomes at the centre of the process. Some of the key outcomes we’re focussed on include shorter lengths of stay in secure services, a better patient experience of care, treatment and transitions and the right support to move back into the community closer to home. With the nine providers in the region working in partnership to develop the programme we have an unprecedented opportunity to make a real and sustainable positive change to the delivery of secure services in the East Midlands.“

Recovery and wellbeing is central to the development of the New Care Model and the programme will be co-produced with service users and their carers. This valuable input and shared experience will drive the development of the Model over the coming months.

Nottinghamshire Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust is taking the lead with establishing the programme, in conjunction with eight other providers: Derbyshire Healthcare, Leicestershire Partnership, Lincoln Partnership, Northamptonshire Healthcare, Cygnet Healthcare, Elysium Healthcare, Priory Group and St Andrew’s Healthcare.