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Posted on Aug 13 2021 by

Results unveiled have shown the child and adolescent patients who attend the St Andrew’s College achieved more than 170 qualifications between them.

The charity based in Northampton ensures that every individual in its care is given access to learning opportunities to enhance their lives and provide them with the skills they need to live independently.

The Education team works hard to ensure the young people there are able to learn in the best way for their particular needs and interests, and this very often leads to awards or qualifications.

The qualifications secured this academic year included GCSEs, Functional Skills, ITQ and AQA Unit Awards. The results also included IGCSEs in Chemistry and Biology at Grade 9.

Kelly Tracey, the Special Educational Needs Coordinator for the College, said: "These are absolutely fantastic achievements for all of our students. They have all put in an exceptional amount of work in order to be awarded these qualifications, and it shows how they make brilliant progress during their time with us.  

"Our young people should be very proud of themselves.  This has been such an incredibly tough year for them and we are especially proud of them today.”