Our governing body

A number of the descendants of the Charity’s original benefactors continue to support the Charity as Governors along with other members of the local community. There are up to 40 active Governors, along with a number of Honorary Governors who are no longer able to attend meetings.

Our Governors support the important role the Charity plays in providing mental healthcare to as many people as possible. Our Governors are unpaid.


The role of Governors

The main role of our Governors is to make sure that we achieve the best possible results for the patients who use our services, now and in the future. The Governors hold the Board to account, appoint Directors and provide additional scrutiny through house visits and reviews of complaints.

In addition, non–executive Directors can be chosen from their number, and governors may also be asked to be members of the Board’s sub-committees, including nomination and remuneration, audit and risk, quality and safety, and investment.

 The Governors' priorities are to ensure that the Charity:

  • has clear goals to deliver compassionate care which is safe, effective and responsive to patient needs
  • is well led
  • makes the most of resources
  • is open and accountable.


St Andrew's Governors

Adrian Spooner

Dr Martin Gaskell

Johnny Wake

Stuart Richmond-Watson

 William Francklin

Amanda Lowther

Dr Michael Harris

Lady Proby

Peter Winslow CBE

The Marchioness of Northampton

Anne Burnett

Frances Jackson

Lord Charles FitzRoy

Robert Heygate

Tim Davy

Crispin Holborow

James Charrington 

Nick Heygate

Rupert Perry

William Church

David Laing

Jane Forman Hardy

Oliver Mackaness

 Tracy Northampton



Sandy Howse - Constituency Governor    
Ria Stanyer - Constituency Governor    
Denford Jeyacheya - Constituency Governor 

Lady Braye -  Honorary    
James Mackaness - Honorary    
The Marquess of Northampton - Honorary    
Ian Pasley-Taylor - Honorary    
Sir John Robinson Bt. - Honorary    
Stephen Schilizzi - Honorary    
Mary Hodges - Honorary    
Lady Tennant - Honorary    
Sir Charles Wake - Honorary    
Lavinia Perry - Honorary    
Alec Foster - Honorary    
Deirdre Fenwick - Honorary    
John Church CBE - Honorary