Mental Capacity Act Conference

Mental Capacity Act , Good Practice Guidance, Conference

  •  Location: St Andrew's Healthcare Northampton
  •  Start Date: 8th September 2020 - 09:00
  •  End Date:  8th September 2020 - 17:00


Conference Flyer

Conference Flyer

Conference Flyer

Conference overview

The Mental Capacity Act (MCA; 2007) is a multifaceted legal framework that seeks to ensure the autonomy, liberties, protection, and support of adults aged 16 years or older. It has recently undergone a comprehensive parliamentary review and a number of significant changes will come into effect in 2020. 

The MCA can have a transformative impact on people’s lives and the application of the Act in clinical settings can be challenging for service users, clinicians and providers.  The outcomes of capacity assessments, best interest and Court of Protection rulings can have a profound impact on people’s lives. It can affect their right to choose where they live, to receive or refuse medical treatment, to make testamentary decisions, to engage in a sexual relationship or marriage and to manage their financial affairs. 

Conference presentations, parallel masterclass workshop sessions

Conforming to good practilakjdfl;skjfdce guidance for the MCA and working with people with complex mental health and neurodevelopmental needs can be challenging. The Academic Centre, St Andrew’s Healthcare, will be hosting a one day conference and masterclass workshop programme to support clinicians to develop clinical practice skills. Bringing together key practitioners and academics, a series of oral presentations and parallel workshop will be offered.

 The event will offer oral papers:  on 40 minutes

New features of the MCA: Liberty Protection safeguards ,Led by Alex Ruck-Keene

  • Fluctuating capacity and advanced directives, Led by Dr Tania Gergel, KCL
  • Duty of care and the right to make unwise choices, Led by Francis Lyons
  • Capacity Dilemma’s for the discerning clinician, Led by Prof Keith Rix

During morning and afternoon sessions a series of parallel masterclass workshops will focus on the themes of Capacity assessments, Led by Dr Karla Greenberg, Consultant Psychiatrist

  • Good practice in Best Interests decisions, Led by: Prof Derick Wade, Professor of Neurological Rehabilitation, Oxford Brooks
  • Capacity and sexual relationships, Led by: Dr Farshad Shaddel, Consultant Psychiatrist and MHL lead 
  • Capacity & physical health in complex mental health populations, Led by Dr Muthu Natarajan, Consultant Psychiatrist for Older Adults


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