What makes us different

There are so many reasons why St Andrew’s stands out as an organisation and an employer.

Here’s why this is a unique place to progress your career and be who you want to be at work.


We're a pioneering charity, proud of our achievements

St Andrew’s has been caring for patients with mental health conditions for over 175 years. We are widely-respected as influential pioneers who continue to lead the way in our field.

Delivering our care through six innovative specialist pathways, we’re the largest independent provider of NHS services in the UK.

As a charity, we reinvest all of our surpluses into improved patient care.

Our expertise and facilities are unmatched

We are the country’s first charity to become an independent national Teaching Hospital, as well as a university learning and research centre.

We partner with a number of leading universities and our research is improving the sector’s understanding of mental health.

Our team, which possesses an incredible wealth of knowledge and experience, brings together experts from a wide range of disciplines and specialisms.

There are outstanding facilities across our sites, designed with patients and their care in mind.

There's a culture all of our own

We’ve developed a positive, welcoming and inclusive culture, where everyone feels involved and equality and fairness are an everyday reality.

You will be encouraged to work in creative ways and put your own ideas and thoughts forward. Your opinions matter. Our managers are always ready to listen.

You can balance the demands of work and life more easily, thanks to family friendly policies and smarter shift planning.

The future is full of possibilities

You will have our full support for your learning and development, including funding for training activities and qualifications. We’ll give you the tools to take ownership of your own career and progress in the way that’s right for you.

You can explore different aspects of mental health or specialise in the field that interests you.

There are structured career pathways enabling you to progress and achieve your ambitions - including remaining in clinical roles or moving into management.

You can see the positive effect St Andrew’s has on people’s futures.

All of our team have their part to play in transforming lives and making amazing things happen.

We're guided by shared 'CARE' values

Our CARE values were defined by the people who work here and the patients we support - they shape our behaviours and feed into everything we do, including recruitment, selection and
career progression.

COMPASSION: be supportive - understanding and care for patients, their families and all in the St Andrew’s Community.
ACCOUNTABILITY: be proactive, take ownership and responsibility, do what you say you will.
RESPECT: act with integrity, be real, be open, be honest.
EXCELLENCE: innovate, learn and deliver, whatever you do - do it well.

We highlight the people that have lived our values in the course of each year at our Annual Awards event - a great date on the St Andrew's calendar.

We celebrate our diversity and strive for equality

We want everyone to be able to be themselves in the workplace and feel valued and respected for the diversity they bring to the workforce.

Equality, diversity and human rights training is given to all staff to ensure equality of opportunity, to tackle discrimination and to foster good relations between different groups of people.

We monitor workforce diversity to help us identify any imbalances and differing outcomes for groups of people.

According to Stonewall, St Andrew's Healthcare is the UK's most inclusive employer in the healthcare sector. We're in the top 50 employers for equality nationwide.

There is a proactive network of equality groups that help to raise awareness about equality matters, support staff experiencing issues and work to improve equality and inclusion in the workplace:

  • Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Group​ - Supporting Everyone’s Sexual and Gender Identity
  • Race and Culture Equality Group - Supporting Everyone’s Race and Cultural Equality
  • ABLE Group - Supporting Everyone’s Mental and Physical Wellbeing
  • Equality and Diversity Champions Group - Promoting Respect, Dignity and Equality for All

Diversity and equality information

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Diversity annual report 15-16 Diversity Brochure 2016