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Posted on Jul 30 2021 by

We're proud to share GROW, our annual report exploring our progress in education.

As you may know, every individual in our care is given access to learning opportunities to enhance their lives and provide them with the skills they need to live independently. We know that education and learning contributes to the recovery of our patients, and we work hard to ensure that people are able to learn in the best way for their particular needs and interests – and this can often lead to awards or qualifications. The certificates are a bonus, as more importantly education allows people to enhance their skills and knowledge, and boost their confidence and self-esteem. Together, this helps people to reach their full potential.

Education is not just a focus for patients; all of our staff are offered training and opportunities for development to improve the way they work with the people in our care. Over the past year, our staff have completed over 23,000 days of learning – that is 6 days of learning per staff member. The learning opportunities they have undertaken range from entry level support to nursing degrees, leadership and development.

Martin Kersey, Executive HR Director, explained: "It is rare to find an organisation that is so committed to learning in all forms. It is exceptionally rewarding to see the benefits that education brings - to our patients, our staff, students on placement with us and members of the public through our community projects. Staff training is an area I'm particularly proud of; the training we provide helps the people who work with our patients to improve and succeed, which in turn helps our patients to progress their recovery."

To read GROW, please click here