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Event Information

This conference was held on the 19th March 2024 and bookings have now closed. 

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Post Conference Update

On Tuesday 19th March 2024 we were delighted to welcome over 160 professionals who joined us for the 1st International Meeting the trauma needs of forensic populations conference.

It was a great day with thought provoking and insightful presentations from

  • Dr. Kevin Baker: Brief Presentation: Leaving the past behind: exploring the adverse childhood experience of males detained to a secure deaf mental health service.
  • Dr. Alexander Hamilton: International consensus guidance for meeting the trauma needs of deaf people. 
  • Dr. Avi Boukli: A realist approach to support gender minority people in secure services.
  • Dr. Lawrence Jones: Formulation when working with trauma in forensic settings: Collaboratively making sense of states, contexts and culture in complex populations.
  • Elanor Henry-Webb & Dr Annette Greenwood: Brief Presentation: The Psychosocial and wellbeing needs of secure mental healthcare staff accessing trauma support.
  • Elanor Henry-Webb: Brief Presentation: Attitudes towards disclosure of childhood trauma in males with forensic and mental health needs.
  • Dr. Sunil Lad: Optimising treatment for men in secure settings.
  • Jon Taylor: Mirror Mirror on the wall: Traumatic reflections on harm caused to self.
  • Dr. Camille Quinn: Conceptualizing distal and proximal factors associated with black girls' trauma: Working with forensic populations in a healing centred way.
  • Dr Julie Goldenson: Trauma-Informed assessment of evaluees in Forensic & correctional contexts.
  • Dr. Nina Messina: Evaluating peer-facilitated trauma interventions.
  • Dr Stephanie Covington: Trauma matters ... and gender matters.

Conference Feedback

The feedback from our delegates was also truly inspiring with 100% surveyed reporting that they had learnt something new and 98% would change their clinical practice as a result of attending the conference!

Here are just a few of the wonderful comments we received...


"Thank you, it was a great conference" "Thank you, great presentations" "Amazing day! Thank you"  " Excellent conference, thank you so much" " The conference was so informative and relevant to my practice"


Who was this event of interest to?

This event was attended by people from a range of professions who engage in direct clinical practice in the area of trauma care. This includes psychologists, psychiatrists, mental health / learning disability nurses and professionals working in prison settings. Our conferences are also attended by people involved in policy, and the development, provision and leadership of services.