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  • Date of Event: 9th May 2023
  • Time of Event: 12:30 GMT (07:30 EST)
  • Location of Event: Zoom Webinar


A very warm welcome to our 3rd International Moral Injury conference.  The theme chosen for this year's event is 'reconnection and repair".

The growing awareness of the importance of moral injury as a framework to describe clinician distress also offers healthcare services potential solutions and interventions to improve the wellbeing of workforces. Equally, as recognition that services themselves play a key role in determining the wellbeing of healthcare workers it is imperative that responses to moral injury have a systemic focus. #MI2023 brings together transatlantic experts to offer a comprehensive programme focused on sharing systemic and organisational solutions to preventing, mitigating and managing moral injury in healthcare and first responder settings.

The conference consists of three symposia, offering nine papers, two brief oral presentations and series of live polls. We have nine internationally recognised experts in trauma presenting live papers focusing on various aspects of the trauma experience.

This is an online Conference using Zoom Webinar. All presentations are live. The presentations will not  be recorded.

Conference Flyer

Below you can download our conference flyer to keep or to share with your colleagues.

3rd International Moral Injry Conference Flyer 9th May 2023 v3

Meet Our Speakers

Dr Richard Lacquement

  Richard A Lacquement Pic

Dr Colonel Richard Lacquement

Research Professor at US Army War College, Strategic Studies Institute and Director, National Security Policy Program (NSPP) 

Strategic Plans and Policy expert

Specialties: Military Professionalism; Civil-Military relations; Counterinsurgency; Stability Operations; Policy formulation; Operations Planning; Professional Military Education (especially international relations and strategic studies); Korea/Northeast Asia security; US Army; Landpower; Field Artillery/Fire Support;

Dr Anne McKenchnie

  Dr Anne McKechnie Pic v2

Dr Anne McKechnie

Consultant Forensic Clinical Psychologist at Scottish Child Abuse Inquiry

Dr Esther Murray

  Dr Esther Murray 2023

Dr Esther Murray, CPsychol

Senior Lecturer in Health Psychology

Esther teaches health psychology on the MBBS and Certificate in Clinical Foundation Studies at QM, and is lead for the iBSc in Medical Education. She also teaches research methods in medical education at undergraduate and postgraduate level.  She is co-lead for Problem Based Learning in the medical school, along with her colleague Dr Nandini Hayes. She is an experienced Senior Tutor and MedPro Supervisor.

Esther has been a health psychologist for 15 years and lead an MSc Health Psychology and was co-director of a Doctorate in Health Psychology at London Metropolitan University from 2007 to 2015. She is on the Register of Applied Psychology Practice Supervisors with the British Psychological Society. Prior to working in academia she worked in cardiac care both in service improvement and psychological interventions for patients.  Her early research was in chronic pain and its effect on doctor-patient communication. Esther has previous experience in psychological intervention in cardiac care and training NHS staff in communication skills.

Her current interest is in moral injury and  the psychological wellbeing of healthcare professionals.  She regularly speaks at national and international conferences and delivers workshops on these topics.

Listen to Dr Murray discuss her work on Moral Injury in Emergency and Pre-hospital Care here.

Research Interests:

Esther was the first researcher in the UK to explore the concept of moral injury in medicine, and since being invited to present on the topic of Moral Injury at the Institute of Pre-hospital Care Performance Psychology Symposium in June 2017, Esther has been invited to present at national and international conferences for both healthcare professionals, educators and students. Esther also delivers training on the topic to London Ambulance Service’s Advanced Paramedic Practitioners, the Counter Terrorism Specialist Firearms Officers of the Metropolitan Police and is a regular contributor to London HEMS Clinical Governance Days.

Esther has recorded podcasts for WEM, St Emlyns, The College of Paramedics and for the London Advanced Paramedics and East of England Ambulance Service, she also delivers wellbeing workshops at the Royal London Hospital for staff in theatres and at the Royal College of Emergency Medicine and the Intensive Care Society.


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Dr Richard Edley

  Richard Head Shot Official Small

Richard S. Edley, PhD


Richard S. Edley, PhD, is the lead executive for the Rehabilitation and Community Providers Association (RCPA) in Pennsylvania, one of the largest state trade associations in the country representing providers of mental health, substance use disorder, intellectual and developmental disabilities, children’s, brain injury, medical rehabilitation, and physical disabilities and aging services, across all settings and levels of care. The association includes over 350 members.

His professional career began in 1988, and prior to leading the association, he was President and CEO of PerformCare/Community Behavioral HealthCare Network of Pennsylvania (CBHNP), a national, full-service, behavioral health managed care organization. Most recently, Dr. Edley was named to the Board of Directors of the National Council for Mental Wellbeing, a Washington, DC-based organization representing behavioral health providers and associations throughout the country. He also is a member of the PA Medical Assistance Advisory Committee (MAAC) and numerous other state task forces. Most recently, Dr. Edley was asked to serve as a member of the Human Services Transition Team for Governor-elect Josh Shapiro.

Dr. Edley’s baccalaureate degree is from Boston University and he holds master’s and doctorate degrees in clinical psychology from Emory University. He was an intern and post-doctoral fellow at McLean Hospital, where he held a faculty appointment at Harvard Medical School, Department of Psychiatry. Dr. Edley is a national presenter and is published in a broad variety of health care areas.

Dr Morana Lasic

  Dr Morana Lasic Pic

Dr Morana Lasic, MD

Vice Chair of DEI, Department of AnesthesiologyAssociate Program Director, Department of AnesthesiologyMedical Director for Peer Support, Brigham and Women's Hospital

Assistant Professor, Harvard Medical School

Anesthesia and Pain Management

Dr Wendy Dean

  Dr Wendy Dean Pic

Dr Wendy Dean

Dr. Dean left clinical medicine when generating revenue crowded out the patient-centered priorities of her practice. Her focus since has been on finding innovative ways to make medicine better for both patients and physicians through technology, ethics, and systems change.

Dr. Dean practiced for 15 years as an emergency room physician and then as a psychiatrist. After leaving clinical practice, she spent eight years in leadership positions, overseeing medical research funding for the U.S. Army, and as a senior executive at a large nonprofit in Washington, D.C., supporting novel strategies to restore form, function and appearance to ill and injured service members. She turned her full attention to addressing moral injury in 2019.

Dr. Dean is a regular contributor to Medscape’s Business of Medicine, blogs on Psychology Today, and continues to work in innovative fields with NASA, the American Society of Reconstructive Transplantation, and the Transplant Ethics and Policy Working Group at New York University Langone Medical Center.


Recent selected publications

Dean, W., Jacobs, B., & Manfredi, R. (2020). Moral Injury: The Invisible Epidemic in COVID Health Care Workers. Annals of Emergency Medicine, 76(4), 385-386.

Dean, W., Talbot, S., & Caplan, A. (2020). Clarifying the Language of Clinician Distress. JAMA, 323(10), 923-924.

Dean, W., & Talbot, S., & Dean, A. (2019). Reframing Clinician Distress: Moral Injury Not Burnout. Federal practitioner : for the health care professionals of the VA, DoD, and PHS36(9), 400–402.

Dean, W., & Talbot, S. (2019). Stop calling patients ‘consumers’. Medical Economics, 96(17), 0-0.

Dr Deborah Morris

  Deborah Morris Pic

Dr Deborah Morris (Scientific committee and Co-Chair
Director, Centre for Developmental and Complex Trauma

Deborah is a consultant clinical psychologist who has worked clinically with adults with complex trauma, personality disorder, neurodevelopmental, forensic and mental health needs in community, assertive outreach, crisis, residential and inpatient settings. Deborah has previously worked in professional and clinical lead positions.

Deborah is currently the Director for the Centre of Developmental and Complex Trauma (CDCT), which focuses on promoting the voice and needs or marginalised populations who have experienced repeated exposure to trauma. Her research interests and publications include;
intellectual disabilities, developmental trauma disorder, intersectionality and inclusion in trauma, adverse childhood experiences, complex trauma in marginalised populations and the physical health impact of exposure to trauma:

For Dr Morris’s ResearchGate page scan here:

  Research QR code

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